Chimney Plugs

The Chimney Plug is a new revolutionary material with a design to prevent heat loss in standards chimney flue’s. The Flue Pot Plug has an BER Certificate that on average, 1 install will save you €150 on your annual heating bill, while 3 installs will save you €299 annually. This chimney cap is designed to be easily installed and removed on chimney flue’s that are not in use and ventilation is not required. It blocks heat from exiting your chimney and prevents cold air, noise, rain, sleet and snow entering the flue and down the chimney into the home. Air flow is restricted from entering the chimney flue which also greatly reduces a draft in the home.


  • 100% Heat Resistant.
  • Reduces Draft.
  • Reduces Noise Levels.
  • Stops rain, snow & sheet.
  • Rust & corrosive free.
  • Naturally blends in.
  • Prevents residual fumes.
  • Easy to remove.
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